Belgian action EU ambition : Strategies to tackle Cancer

Dive into Belgian initiatives powering EU cancer prevention and control.


  • Diagnosis & treatment
  • Quality of life
  • Early detection
  • Prevention
  • Inequalities

Belgium participation in EU projects per EBCP pillar and cross-cutting themes (EU4Health)


  • Screening
  • Understand cancer
  • Early diagnostics and minimally invasive treatment
  • Prevention
  • Quality of life of cancer patients and survivors
  • Network of Comprehensive Cancer Infrastructures
  • Mission Hub

Belgium participation in EU projects per cancer theme (Horizon – Mission on Cancer)


  • Prevention
  • Early detection
  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Improve quality of life

Belgium participation in Horizon Europe 2021-2022 projects per cancer theme (One project can cover several areas)


Funding program EBCP and the Mission on Cancer are funded through annual programs which are listed below

Start year




  • CHIP-AML22

    Diagnosis & treatmentquality of healthcareEU4Health2023
  • i-Violin

    Diagnosis & treatmentEU4Health2022
  • CCI4EU

    Diagnosis & treatmentEarly detectionInequalitiesPreventionQuality of carecapacity buildingComprehensive cancer centresComprehensive Cancer Infrastructuresintegrating research and caretailored interventionsHorizon Europe2023
  • EHDS2 Pilot

    Diagnosis & treatmentaccessibilitycross borderhealth dataresearchEU4Health2022

    Diagnosis & treatmentEarly detectionPreventionScreeninginequalitiespaediatric cancersEU4Health2022
  • CRaNE

    Diagnosis & treatmentComprehensive cancer centresexpertisenetworksquality of healthcareEU4Health2022
  • ECHoS

    Diagnosis & treatmentEarly detectionMonitoringPreventionQuality of lifeRehabilitationAIinequalitiespaediatric cancersresearchHorizon Europe2023

    Diagnosis & treatmentcancer imagingdata infrastructureimaging repositoryDigital Europe2023
  • GDI

    Diagnosis & treatmentdata infrastructureEHDSgenomicspersonalised medicineDigital Europe2022

    Diagnosis & treatmentPreventionHorizon Europe2022
  • JANE

    Diagnosis & treatmentAYACancercancer preventioncomplex cancersEuropean Reference Network (ERN)high tech medical resourcesnetwork of expertiseomicspalliative carepatient empowermentpoor prognosissurvivorshipEU4Health2022