EHDS2 Pilot
European health data space pilot for secondary use of health data

1 October 2022 - 1 October 2024

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EHDS2 Pilot logo, the cornerstone of the European Health Data Space initiative.

The EHDS2 Pilot project aims to establish an infrastructure for the secondary use of health data starting with 8 EU member states and assesses the ability to scale towards a Union-wide infrastructure, as a main component of the European Health Data Space. The pilot will design, develop, deploy and operate a network of nodes federated by central services that may be provided jointly with the European Commission.

Project description

EHDS2 Pilot consortium brings together 17 partners from all over Europe (national platforms, ERICs, research infrastructures, EU agencies and associations in the area of health) set up a test version of the future European Health Data Space (EHDS) for the secondary use of health data.

The general goals of the EHDS2 Pilot project are as follows:

  • To develop and deploy an IT infrastructure that establishes a network of nodes and provides basic central services, such as common data discovery, a common data access application, and data usage, in collaboration with the European Commission.
  • To test the infrastructure with concrete research questions by running use cases that would require data from various nodes, member states, research infrastructures or EU agencies. This will also evaluate the benefits of having such an infrastructure.

To this end, the EHDS2 Pilot will develop, explore, and analyze standards for data governance, data quality, and data infrastructure in order to facilitate the sharing of data between European countries.

Large-scale collaborations in Europe will be feasible and capable of achieving critical mass, enhancing competitive advantage, and ensuring international resilience, impact, and visibility. The EHDS will generate new opportunities for linking health and non-health data, promote data enrichment, artificial intelligence, and IT-improvements to more timely more timely and real time assessments.

Funding programme & Type of Action

Funding Programme : EU4 Health Programme (EU4H)
Type of Action : Action Grant
Grant agreement number : 101079839

Project duration

2 years


Number of participants : 17

Belgian partners