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Unlocking opportunities in EU Cancer Calls and Projects.

Tackling the Cancer Challenge, a united front in Belgium and Europe

Cancer is more than a medical challenge; it’s a societal issue with significant impact on communities, governments, and healthcare systems. As of 2020, an alarming 4% of the Belgian population was living with this life-altering diagnosis. If left unaddressed, projections indicate that Europe will experience a 20% rise in cancer cases by 2040, amounting to over 3 million new diagnoses.

To proactively confront this growing health crisis, the European Commission has rolled out two groundbreaking initiatives :

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP) : Introduced in 2021, this policy-led initiative provides a comprehensive framework for tackling every stage of cancer—from prevention and early detection to diagnosis and treatment.

Mission on Cancer : With an ambitious target to save 3 million lives by 2030, this research-backed initiative complements and reinforces the objectives of the EBCP.

Belgium’s Collaborative Action: The BE EBCP Mirror Group

Recognising the urgency and complexity of this issue, Belgium has established a diverse coalition of stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of the EBCP. The Belgium EBCP Mirror Group (BE EBCP MG) consists of over 400 experts :

  • Federal and regional health agencies
  • Professional societies

This collaborative body focuses on:

  • Identifying priority areas through stakeholder consultation
  • Mapping out European Commission funding opportunities, primarily under the EBCP and Mission on Cancer
  • Engaging in European Commission cancer-related initiatives and ensuring their effective translation into local action
  • Patient and citizen advocacy groups
  • Industry leaders

Expert Guidance : Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

The BE EBCP MG is further fortified by its Thematic Working Groups (TWGs), serving as expert advisers in key domains of cancer care:

  1. Prevention
  2. Early Detection and Screening
  3. Diagnosis and Treatment
  4. Quality of life including care organisation and survivorship
  5. Children, adolescents and young adults (CAYAs) with cancer
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Citizen and patient engagement

These groups also address cross-cutting issues like quality of life and healthcare inequalities.

Anticipated Outcomes : A Future of Hope

Our collaborative efforts aim to:

  • Harmonise Belgium’s cancer policies and initiatives with the overarching goals of the EBCP
  • Systematically identify and capitalise on funding opportunities for cancer research, care, and control
  • Optimise resource allocation in an increasingly competitive and complex funding landscape
  • Promote interventions that significantly reduce the cancer burden in Belgium, improving patient care, survival rates, and quality of life
  • Foster robust collaborations between national stakeholders and their European counterparts

Together, we’re not just fighting cancer; we’re striving to win this battle and ensure a healthier future for all.

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