Perseus MAP
Microbiome Abundance Profiling: Precision microbiome profiling for insights into human health & research

1 October 2021 - 30 September 2023

Diagnosis & treatmentHorizon Europe2021

The EU-funded Perseus MAP project will support Perseus Biomics from Belgium in developing a unique microbiome analytics platform to satisfy the growing demand for more efficient techniques.

Project description

The thousands of microbial species that compose the human gut microbiome are linked to diseases from cancer to diabetes, sparking tremendous interest among pharmaceutical/ medical researchers in microbiome analytics. Current analytics methods are far too slow, expensive, and inaccurate to fulfil this need. Much faster techniques are essential for microbiome tracking over the course of disease states and therapies to discover correlations with disease and enable personalized medicine.

Perseus MAP is the only microbiome analytics platform that will be able to handle this onslaught of demand, through a revolutionarily fast, high-throughput, and accurate technology based on DNA imaging techniques invented in the lab of our co-founders. We will massively accelerate microbiomics, starting with a central service lab, deploying satellite labs, and finally producing portable units for the microbiomics mass market, at a capacity of 300k profiles/yr analyzed in-house to seize a €2.5B market.

Funding programme & Type of action

Funding programme : Horizon Europe – European Innovation Council (EIC)
Type of action : Horizon Action Grant Budget-Based
Grant agreement number : 190119214


2 years

Belgian partners

Perseus Biomics