Joint Action on European Networks of Expertise

1 November 2022 - 30 November 2024

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JANE is a Joint Action that will prepare the establishment of seven new EU Networks of Expertise in the cancer field in the following domains: personalised primary prevention; survivorship; palliative care; omic technologies; hi-tech medical resources; complex & poor-prognosis cancer(s); adolescents and young adults (15-39 years at cancer diagnosis) with cancer.

Project description

The Joint Action has two objectives:

  1. Complete all necessary preparations for the launch of the new Networks of Expertise (defining their missions and objectives, studying their design, etc.).
  2. Critically evaluate current and future EU network, research infrastructure, and platform models in order to properly shape the new Networks of Expertise.

The project’s goal is to establish seven Networks of Expertise that will provide services to the European cancer community in order to overcome some critical oncology challenges. They involve patients and incorporate research and information technology solutions into care. Each project’s final deliverable is a call for expressions of interest. These Expert Networks seek to improve EU cancer care networking by reaching out to all relevant (real-world) communities across the EU.

JANE will have achieved its mandate if its deliverables, i.e. the new Networks of Expertise, become effective and sustainable in future years. This will be built on previous and ongoing EU networking experiences, especially the existing Expert Reference Networks (ERN) in the cancer field, and on finding solutions rooted in the European oncology community. The Joint Action will be followed by new EU calls dedicated to the implementation of these Networks of Expertise.

Funding programme & Type of Action

Funding programme: EU4 Health (EU4H)
Type of Action: Joint Action
Grant agreement number: 101075328

Project duration

2 years


Number of countries involved : 16
Number of participants : 35