Briefing Symposium 2023 Mirror Group BE-EBCP: Strengthening together Belgium’s efforts against cancer: from concept to reality

Published on October 25, 2023 at 3:48 pm


The BE EBCP Mirror Group organised their first in-person meeting on 21 September 2023.
The symposium titled “Strengthening together Belgium’s efforts against cancer: from concept to reality” brought together key representatives of European and Belgian institutions to foster dialogue and exchange about the impact of the European strategy on cancer in Belgium.

The symposium included two informative panels. The first one explored the European strategy for cancer control and prevention, providing valuable insights into the overarching goals and initiatives on a European level. The second panel focused on how Belgium is meeting the 2030 European objectives for cancer control and prevention, highlighting the progress made and the needs that have to be addressed.

After the informative panels participants engaged in a productive discussion, chaired by the Thematic Working Group leads of the BE EBCP Mirror Group, on how to sustainably implement European projects in Belgium on the long term. They also identified priorities in the areas of prevention and screening, diagnosis and treatment, quality of life, and CAYAs (Children, adolescents, and young adults with cancer) crucial part of the discourse.

All visuals were developed by Judith Du Faux throughout the symposium.

We thank again the participants for a fruitful and engaging discussion. You can access the conference slides through our shared BE EBCP Mirror Group SharePoint folder.

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