Introducing, strengthening and sustaining the Health Promoting School (HPS) approach


Schools4Health aims to introduce and maintain whole-school approaches to health, including health promoting schools (HPS), across the EU. It pays special attention to schools in deprived areas, with a focus on promoting health among students in or facing vulnerable circumstances.

Project description

Schools4Health is a project funded by EU4Health and led by EuroHealthNet. The primary objective of this project is to introduce, strengthen, and sustain the adoption of a Health Promoting School (HPS) approach, along with other comprehensive school-based approaches to health.
The project will focus on promoting : healthy nutrition, physical activity, and mental health practices within schools, aiming to enhance health literacy and equity. By adhering to the fundamental principles of these health-promoting approaches, Schools4Health aims to engage approximately 16 schools across the European Union in a comprehensive process of selection, transfer, implementation, and evaluation of successful practices. Special attention will be given to schools located in deprived areas.

The Schools4Health project will demonstrate how the implementation of HPS approaches not only leads to healthier lifestyles among children and adolescents but also improves educational outcomes and promotes equity. Furthermore, it recognizes the potential of these approaches to address interconnected societal challenges such as climate change. To achieve these goals, the project will actively engage policymakers and practitioners, highlighting their role in promoting health within school settings.

An online awareness-raising and information campaign will be launched to support these efforts, accompanied by the establishment of a centralized Schools4Health hub. This hub will serve as a repository for resources created and collected throughout the initiative.

The partner organizations involved in this project, along with their respective networks, possess extensive expertise in the fields of school health and health promotion. They have significant experience collaborating with local, regional, and national authorities, as well as school settings, to promote healthy school environments.

Funding programme & Type of action

Funding programme: EU4 Health Programme (EU4H)
Type of action: Project Grant
Grant agreement number: 101079978


2 years


Number of countries involved: 10
Number of participants: 13