Vaccinating Europe to protect against the cancers caused by HPV


PROTECT-EUROPE aims to eliminate HPV-related cancers through promotion, implementation and high uptake of gender-neutral HPV vaccination throughout the EU.

Project description

PROTECT-EUROPE is an EU4Health project that advocates for a vaccination programme in EU Member States that is gender-neutral and that aims to offer protection against HPV-related cancers for everyone.

Around 67 500 HPV-related cancers are diagnosed in the EU every year. They include cervical, anal, vaginal, penile, head and neck cancers.

PROTECT-EUROPE aims to tackle this problem on two levels.

  • Providing information and training for healthcare professionals involved in HPV vaccination on one-to-one communication with young people and their parents/carers. Training will be delivered online and the knowledge will then be disseminated via a train-the-trainer approach.
  • It will provide EU Member States and civil society organisations active in public health with guidance and campaign tools for promoting vaccination among young people and their parents/carers.

The campaign tools will be designed for various platforms, including social media, websites, posters and leaflets. The potential of sport, specifically football, as an influencer will be explored. Particular attention will be paid to addressing issues of equality and diversity.

All project outputs will be made available via an online hub and disseminated via a final report and a high-level event.

Funding programme & Type of action

Funding programme: EU4 Health Programme (EU4H)
Type of action: Project Grant
Grant agreement number: 101080046

Project duration

2 years


Number of countries involved: 17
Number of participants: 34

Belgian partners

Universiteit Antwerpen