Federate Learning and mUlti-party computation Techniques for prostatE cancer

1 May 2023 - 30 April 2026

PreventionHorizon Europe2023

he EU-funded FLUTE project addresses this by pioneering novel methods for cross-border data utilisation. FLUTE focuses on enhancing secure multi-party computation in federated learning, with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models and secure execution environments.

Project description

The FLUTE project will advance and scale up data-driven healthcare by developing novel methods for privacy-preserving cross-border utilization of data hubs. Advanced research will be performed to push the performance envelope of secure multi-party computation in Federated Learning, including the associated AI models and secure execution environments.

The technical innovations will be integrated in a privacy-enforcing platform that will provide innovators with a provenly secure environment for federated healthcare AI solution development, testing and deployment, including the integration of real world health data from the data hubs and the generation and utilization of synthetic data. To maximize the impact, adoption and replicability of the results, the project will contribute to the global HL7 FHIR standard development, and create novel guidelines for GDPR-compliant cross-border Federated Learning in healthcare. 

To demonstrate the practical use and impact of the results, the project will integrate the FLUTE platform with health data hubs located in three different countries, use their data to develop a novel federated AI toolset for diagnosis of clinically significant prostate cancer and perform a multi-national clinical validation of its efficacy, which will help to improve predictions of aggressive prostate cancer while avoiding unnecessary biopsies, thus improving the welfare of patients and significantly reducing the associated costs. 

Team :
The 11-strong consortium will include three clinical / data partners from three different countries, three technology SMEs, three technology research partners, a legal/ethics partner and a standards organization.

In accordance with the priorities set by the European Commission, the project will target collaboration, cross-fertilization and synergies with related national and international European projects.

Funding programme & Type of funding

Funding programme : Horizon Europe
Type of action : Research and Innovation Action
Grant agreement action : 101095382


3 years

Belgian partners

Centre Hospitalière Universitier de Liège (CHU Liège)