Boosting the Usability of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention


BUMPER aims to support and enhance the design, development and promotion of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention.

Project description

BUMPER aims to collaborate with the team responsible for designing and programming the EU Mobile App. It will offer guidance on the content and focus of the app, with the objective of ensuring its scientific validity. The development of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention is a significant initiative within Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, addressing all stages of the cancer disease pathway.

The project will incorporate an evidence-based approach to address health literacy in all tasks and activities by:

  • engaging with a variety of end-users to understand potential barriers
  • facilitating factors for using digital health tools such as the App
  • providing direct training to future promoters of the App

The EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention utilizes the European Code against Cancers as a foundation to communicate clear and accessible evidence-based information on cancer risk factors. The App’s users will not only gain knowledge about these risk factors but also receive effective preventive measures that they can implement for themselves and share with others, ultimately reducing their risk of cancer.

The project has four key objectives:

  1. Support the design and development of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention
  2. Engage with potential end-users to get feedback on the effectiveness and ease of use of the App
  3. Provide comprehensive training to health promoters in digital health literacy on how to use and spread the App
  4. Pilot ways to promote the App with specific target groups in several different countries

Funding programme & Type of Action

Funding Programme : EU4 Health Programme (EU4H)
Type of Action : Action Grants
Grant agreement number : 101079924

Project duration

2 years


Number of countries involved : 11
Number of participants : 14