An Artificially Intelligent Diagnostic Assistant for gastric inflammation

1 January 2023 - 31 December 2026

PreventionHorizon Europe2023

The EU-funded AIDA project aims to generate an AI-based risk score for gastric cancer, a disease that is usually detected at an advanced stage when little can be done in terms of treatment. 

Project description

Most cases of gastric cancer (GC) are detected at a late stage, when patients have a median life expectancy of about a year. Diagnosing people at risk of developing GC at the pre-symptomatic stage, typically chronic gastric inflammation, could significantly improve the outlook.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help clinicians make sense of their own data by automating much of the treatment and analysis, which require manual work and years of experience. But it can do more: it can bring together available data from various sources into a vast data lake and cross-correlate the data to derive a ‘risk score’ for gastric cancer and shed light on the mechanisms of its evolution.

Aida aims to;

  • help researchers understand the mechanisms that trigger gastric oncogenesis
  • help clinicians diagnose precancerous inflammation at the earliest possible stage
  • suggest personalised therapeutic strategies for treatment and follow-up
  • make personalised recommendations for monitoring patient health status

and thus contributing to gastric cancer prevention.

This places Aida squarely on Europe’s agenda of ‘Staying healthy in a rapidly changing society’. Aida unites some of Europe’s leading authorities in the field of gastric inflammation, gastric cancer, leading AI and machine learning experts, experts on data governance and privacy, representatives of the public administration and patient advocates. Aida also has strong ties with the industry.

After the project, the results will live on in a foundation that acts as a transnational focal point for chronic gastric inflammation — and GC in general. We hope that the solid, inclusive design principles of Aida, its societal relevance and its durability will spawn a vigorous ecosystem around chronic gastric inflammation, its understanding and its treatment. And we hope that it will inspire other data collaboratives in health — for other chronic inflammations, other forms of cancer or other ailments altogether.

Funding programme & Type of action

Funding programme : Horizon Europe
Type of action : Research and Innovation Action
Grant agreement number : 101095359


4 years

Belgian partners